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AF wrote:

"Amanda did a phenomenal job with my personal statement! Her feedback was all on point and all her ideas were original and helpful. Amanda also worked in a timely fashion, making sure the personal statement was done way before the deadline. My personal statement was the icing on the cake for my application! Thanks Amanda!"

Robert wrote:

"After seeing so-so results with my school's writing center, I asked Amanda for help with my personal statement. She revised my essay into a superior finished product, while still retaining my voice. Amanda has a great knack for knowing what to cut, what to emphasize, and how to achieve better flow. It feels great to have this part of my application shine. I look forward to working with Amanda on my C.V."

MQ wrote:

"The first draft of my personal statement was a wreck until Amanda stepped in. I am so grateful for having Amanda look over my personal statement and giving me positive feedback. The changes she made really added edge to my personal statement."

Brian wrote:

“I really want to thank Amanda for helping me out with my personal statement. Not only for doing such an amazing job, but also for doing more than I had originally thought I needed. I asked for help with condensing my personal statement (by 700 characters!), and not only did she do that (amazingly), but she perfected the entire thing! Honestly, I have never felt more confident with my personal statement."

Ian wrote:

“The Writing Services I received from Romano Scientific was fantastic. It’s becoming increasingly common for busy professors and professionals to request an initial draft of a letter of recommendation. After providing information about my situation and sponsor, Amanda helped me draft a letter of that highlighted and included everything I wanted and needed. My sponsor was very impressed. I would like to thank Amanda for assisting me. I am extremely pleased."

SS wrote:

“I couldn't be any more happier with my personal statement thanks to Amanda. Fast, organized and best at what she does. I highly highly recommend her services."

Katherine wrote:

“Amanda was very helpful in editing my personal statement. After the first revision, my personal statement has much more focus and organization. I feel more confident in sending my final draft of the personal statement. Thank you so much for all the help with my personal statement."

LH wrote:

“Amanda did an awesome job perfecting my personal statement. I saw a huge difference from my first draft to my final draft thanks to Amanda's insight and professional work.  Her work is truly amazing. Thank you Amanda!"

F wrote:

“This writing service was very helpful for revisions and insight. It was nice to have a professional on your side looking at your work and working hard in a timely manner. I appreciate what they do because there are not many resources like them and it is also a stressful time for students. So thank you guys for being there for us. "

EY wrote:

“Amanda did a really wonderful job editing my personal statement. Her comments and edits turned my personal statement into something compelling. My application looks much better thanks to her. I would recommend her work to anyone."

AR wrote:

“I greatly enjoyed my experience with EDU Writing Services. The revisions by Amanda were more than simple edits/proofreading, I received extremely useful feedback on what to improve and how to improve my personal statement. Thank you for the help Amanda and Ian."

DN wrote:

“I had many points and experiences that I wanted to include in my personal statement but they were just a mess. Amanda helped organize and outline my ideas so they would all fit together. She really focuses on the content (not just grammar) of the personal statement and makes sure your personal statement meets the character limit."

RW wrote:

“This writing service was extremely helpful with condensing, organizing and making my personal statement flow perfectly. I would recommend this service to everyone applying to grad school! I don’t think my personal statement could have came out any better."

BB wrote:

“Thank you so so much I greatly appreciate the amazing work you have put in my personal statement. "

GW wrote:

“Thank you for all the help.EDU Writing Services was a great help with my DAT personal statement and supplemental applications for dental school. Not only did they help give great revision advice, but their willingness to be in constant conversation with you via email really sold their service! The revision process felt very personalized/tailored to me. I would highly recommend them for anyone applying to graduate, dental, or medical school! Special thanks to Amanda! "

AC wrote:

“Thank you so much! I truly appreciate all the work EDU Writing Services has put into my statement, I could not have done it without you guys. Thank you!"

LA wrote:

“Thank you very much indeed. I see a wonderful transformation throughout my statement. I do really appreciate all your help. Thank you!"